Perception Personified


The Rebound (2009)

Rating: 3.5/5

Every movie has its specific set of audience, and this one too has a particular set. It is a sensitive but sexy movie about a woman in her forties and her post-divorce encounters with different feelings like hatred, low self-esteem, domestic problems and her personal life. Amidst all the things going wrong with a woman who is in a situation where she had been cheated by her husband, she finds something which perhaps is the most important thing in this world, “Friendship”.

Catherine Zeta Jones looks lovely throughout. I literally fell in love with her after watching the movie, not just because she is beautiful but the emotions portrayed by her are extremely believable and life like.  She portrays the role presented to her with perfection and looks plausible as a single mother raising two kids. Moreover, No matter what others say, I feel the chemistry between her and Justin Bartha (The Hangover Groom), if not tremendously magical, was just right for the movie.

The movie is never uninteresting and did keep me glued to the screen. It makes you smile in places with some witty and amusing scenes and also imparts some wisdom about life and any relationship. I wouldn’t say that it is something which could not be missed but if you are planning on watching it, I guarantee you that your ninety minutes would not be wasted.

Image Courtesy: The Film Department

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