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Shaitan (2011)

Rating: 2.5/5

Shaitan speaks about the devil inside each of us, the devil who might take over us when we our own life is trouble. It also speaks about the corrupt system, its flaws and the people who manipulate the system making use of their indecipherable power.

The movie revolves around a group of five young troubled spoiled brats in Mumbai, who as usual have issues with their lives.

Spiced up with some offensively witty scenes and dialogues, which is a good thing, considering the plot of the movie, the movie is targeted towards the youth and does offer what any regular new age individual would look for in the movie. All the five lead actors justified their characters but for me Gulshan Devaiya as K.C.  did a fabulous job among the five. Apart from him, Rajeev Khandelwal performed flawlessly in playing the role of a cop and I was immensely happy to see Raj Kumar Yadav as a shady police officer. His part was short but he could not have done it better, infact, he was the perfect choice for that character.

But even though the flick was filed with good performances all around and even better direction, it lacked excitement. The whole dish didn’t seem to tempt me anytime throughout the meal. It was predictable at times and the idea of rebellious spoiled brats is becoming stale now.

Definitely this movie is worth watching once or maybe twice for some people, but it is nothing extraordinary and didn’t leave me wondering or wanting for more.

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