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Ragini MMS (2011)

Rating: 4.5/5

Horrifying”, if it has to be defined in just one word.

For me, Ragini MMS delivered far more than what it promised. The class and the execution of the horror sequences were far more intriguing that I had ever imagined. The fact that impressed me the most is that even though, primarily you get the feeling that it might be a movie with just sensual scenes and not so many significantly petrifying moments, it actually left its mark on me for the direction of the horrifying scenes and the quality of performances by the two actors. The movie revolves around a couple who set out to the outskirts of Mumbai for a weekend getaway. But as the reel rolls & the movie unfolds, it turns into a nightmare for the two as they encounter a lot of paranormal activities happening around & realize that the house they are staying in is haunted. Probably, as the movie was shot as if in real life, you connect to the horrendous events and the situations fashioned more closely and feel to be a part of the whole idea even more.

The movie does give the inkling that it has been inspired by Paranormal Activity but apart from being shot as if in real life, the movie is fresh and presents unnerving scenes and goosebumps all the way. Raj Kumar Yadav is definitely here to stay and Kainaz Motiwala was impeccable in justifying her character. I sincerely recommend this one to Vikram Bhatt  and expect that he would probably learn a thing or two and would not dole out movies like Haunted 3D again. And if he is too dim-witted to understand what a horror movie is then maybe it is time he hangs up his director shoes for the good of all humanity. Applause to the whole team of Ragini MMS as they have surely provided a benchmark against which all future Bollywood horror movies must be evaluated.

Image Courtesy: Ragini MMS Official Site

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